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fine wines

Loxton offers its own taste profile because it was once full strength regular wine.

Why Choose Us

We are the elegant alternative to wine and at only 55 calories per 8 oz glass-up to ⅓ the calories of regular wine.

Loxton Wines

Premium 0.5% wines from Australia.
Cabernet Sauvignon
Sparkling Brut Champagne

the best features

Our fine wines are produced and bottled in Australia for those not wishing to sacrifice taste vs. alcohol content. More about that here.

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Benefits of Loxton Wine

  • ⅓ the calories of regular wine
  • 99.6% Alcohol free with no added sugar
  • Produced from fully fermented wines
  • Enjoy a glass without having to worry about how to drive home safely
  • Good alternative for those not wanting to consume alcohol
  • Potential health benefits
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