Why Choose Loxton

Loxton is produced using the world’s leading alcohol removal technology. It was recognized that in order to retain distinct wine flavours in a finished de-alcoholized wine, the components of the wine had to be dealt with individually and delicately. Removing 12% alcohol from wine to below 0.5% is a sensitive process and requires a multi-stage process in order to obtain optimum results.

The Australian process succeeded in isolating flavour volatiles, which could then be added back to the wine once the alcohol was removed. This procedure produces a de-alcoholized wine that displays clean, fresh “varietal” fruit flavours with complex flavour characters and bouquet that are not found in regular non-alcohol juices.

When to Serve Loxton Wines

Offer Loxton de-alcoholized still and sparkling wines to anyone not drinking alcohol at parties, dinner parties or weddings.
Offer Loxton to those who can’t drink an alcoholic beverage for reasons like pregnancy, driving a vehicle, on doctor’s orders or a strict diet.

Many choose not to drink an alcoholic beverage for all sorts of different reasons. Yet people want to appear like they have a glass of wine in their hand. Many do not want to be saddled with another mineral water, soda pop, coffee or tea. Have a few bottles of Loxton de-alcoholized wines for customers who chose not to drink alcohol.

Drink Suggestion

The Loxton de-alcoholized Sparkling Brut Champagne can be an excellent base to create new drinks. Try our non-alcoholic version of a MIMOSA.

Our Non-Alcoholic Mimosa

3 oz orange juice, chilled
3 oz Loxton Sparkling Brut, chilled
First, pour orange juice into a champagne fluted glass, then slowly add the Loxton Sparkling Brut.
Garnish with a slice of orange. The bubbles are yours to savour and enjoy.

One bottle of Loxton Sparkling Brut makes 8 servings.

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