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Review from the Saskatoon Star Phoenix, October 31, 2016

From Premiumnearbeer.com
Loxton NA Wines The Best Yet1
Posted by Unknown on 23rd Sep 2016
"This is product is the best yet! Wish we could buy it everywhere and thank goodness I have found this provider. Premium was efficient, fast and they dropped it off right at my door with everything in tact. Unbelievable service!"

From Premiumnearbeer.com
My favorite!
Posted by Marie on 26th Jul 2016
"I'm use to dry white wine (with alcohol) but this one is the first so far that I find not too sweet and has the body of a good regular wine. Very enjoyable. "

From Premiumnearbeer.com
loxton wine
Posted by mike on 16th Jul 2016
"everyone who tries it, including restaurant waiter think it is the real thing"

“I would like to extend our sincere thanks for the bottles you provided to each table and was also available as an alternative to wine prior to dinner”.
Carole Walker, Secretary/Treasurer
Australian Wine Appreciation Society

“Our guests thoroughly enjoyed the beverage and of course, the Loxton name was in full view at all times”.
Norman D. Haw, CCRC, ARW, Executive Director

“I am writing to let you know how pleased we are to serve Loxton wines at the Gallery. The reaction to Loxton wines has been very favourable. People are surprised to learn this is a de-alcholized product and pleased to have the opportunity to sample it. We find that many people are monitoring their alchol intake, and others are abstaining completely. Loxton wines provide an alternative and a delightful taste experience”.
Brian Foreman, Coordinator, Adult Programmes
Vancouver Art Gallery

“This fantastic beverage will be served at all the college dances this year (there are six) and at the mock beer/wine Taste Test”.
Christa Jacejko, LA CAAP Coordinator

“It was nice to be able to offer your product to our guests for the second year in a row. I’ve heard many guests say how nice it is to have an alternative beverage”.
Ann Charlton, Regional Coordinator Financial Resources
The Canadian Red Cross Society

Sent: November-28-12 9:07 AM
To: malcolmgillis@loxtonwines.ca
Subject: where to buy
I have read some very nice things about your de-alcoholized wines. Are they sold in the US, either online or in retail stores? If so, where? I am located in Florida in the winter and Saratoga, NY in the summer.
Many thanks,

Sent: February-14-12 10:11 AM
To: malcolmgillis@loxtonwines.ca
Subject: Loxton wine availability
Hello Malcolm,
Recently, I discovered these amazing wines in one of my local grocery stores. Unfortunately, I bought them out of stock for at least the next 2 weeks. Can you please tell me where I might be able to find your products around the Vancouver area? Thanks so much.


Sent: February-23-13 3:31 PM
To: malcolmgillis@loxtonwines.ca
Subject: wine availability
I would like to thank you for a tasty alternative to wines containing alcohol. I haven’t drank for over 10 years, but I love the social aspect of having a glass of wine with my wife and friends. I haven’t been able to get your wines in my small town Co-op, but when we travel to our nearest city about 100 miles away (Regina, Sask. Canada) I always re-stock if needed. They seldom have a lot of bottles on the shelf, but have advised me to call ahead and they will get me a case of Cabernet for whenever I want. I just wanted to express my appreciation.
Thank you

Sent: November-13-12 7:07 PM
To: malcolmgillis@loxtonwines.ca
Subject: Ontario...
Curious if your product is available in Ontario. I’m pregnant and sick of the usual sweet alternatives.

Sent: May-09-12 6:58PM
To: malcolmgillis@loxtonwines.ca
Subject: Loxton Cabernet Sauvignon de-alcoholized wine
We enjoy this wine very much. How do we go about ordering a case or two and what would the cost be to have it delivered to Winnipeg, MB?

Sent: January-05-13 8:33 AM
To: malcolmgillis@loxtonwines.ca
Subject: calories in low alcohol wine
My wife and I have switched to your .5% wines and were wondering, how many calories in a bottle?

Sent: April-14-13 4:41 PM
To: malcolmgillis@loxtonwines.ca
Subject: Sparkling Brut
Can you tell me what stores in Calgary sell your sparkling brut? It is by far the best I’ve had!
Thanks so much.

Sent: November-06-12 10:47 AM
To: malcolmgillis@loxtonwines.ca
Subject: Fw: Shipping?
To Loxton Distributor,
We have purchased your wine in Alberta as that is our summer home. However spend the winter in California and are trying to purchase your non-alcoholic cabernet sauvignon which we find excellent. Would buy a case if you would ship to our personal address.

With thanks, Jim

Sent: December-04-12 6:12 PM
To: malcolmgillis@loxtonwines.ca
Subject: Loxton, Cabernet Sauvignon
It has been many years since I started to drink and serve low or von alcohol wine and beer. So far Loxton Cabernet Sauvignon is the best product on the market. (even better then Le Rouge de Vincent from France). I would like to know if the Loxton Cabernet Sauvignon is sold in the province of Quebec and if so what stores have it?
Thank you,

Sent: March-20-12 10:02 AM
To: Malcolm Gillis
Subject: RE: dealcoholized wines
Thanks for your help. For health reasons, I’ve given up alcohol, and the Loxton wines are the best substitute I’ve found so far.
Sharie (in Victoria)

Sent: August-13-12 12:24 PM
To: malcolmG1@shaw.ca
Subject: Loxtons
Hi Malcolm
I recently (last week) visited a liquor store in Victoria and bought some Loxtons Semillon Chardonnay. It was really pleasant.


Sent: June-24-13 6:09 PM
To: malcolmgillis@loxtonwines.ca
Subject: Loxton fan here – please give me a call
I am a consumer of the Loxton wines and am very impressed. I quite drinking alcohol for health and lifestyle reasons a few years ago, buy really do enjoy taste and overall aesthetic of your product.
It is exceptional, and after exploring the website today, I can see that my suspicions were true – it’s real wine, just minus the booze!

Edmonton AB

Sent: April-24-13 2:25 PM
To: malcolmgillis@loxtonwines.ca
Subject: Product info
I’ve been drinking Loxton .5 red & white wines and find them to be the best product available in Manitoba

Sent: October-09-13 7:13 PM
To: malcolmgillis@loxtonwines.ca
Subject: Compliment
I just wanted to say what fabulous wine you have. I have for the first time tried your cab sav and love love it. I have chosen not to drink due to health issues, am 49 years old and am thrilled with your product. Are the grapes from Australia? I am on medical disability so i hope I can afford to drink your wine occasional, i don’t know the cost since it was given to me as a gift.
Thank you and cheers
Ms. A. Johansen

Sent: November-19-12 8:42 AM
To: malcolmgillis@loxtonwines.ca
Subject: Loxton
My wife really likes this wine but we have a little difficulty finding it. We can get it in most Safeway stores but the closest one is about 100 km away and our local (Creston) BC Liquor Store does not seem to carry it. We could probably order it by the case so I am wondering if you deal with any private liquor stores in the Creston area.
Ron Y.
PS-We quite often head south for a few months in the winter and just wondering if you know where you can buy/who distributes Loxton in the US?

Sent: September-05-12 7:59 AM
To: malcolmgillis@loxtonwines.ca
Subject: availability
I work in an upscale restaurant in New York City and was wondering if you distribute to the US.
Best regards,
L. Wilson