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Canadian Distributors

Retail and Hospitality inquiries only
Edoko Distribution Western Canada
Distributions Svanake Inc. Quebec
Pantry Shelf Food Corp Ontario/Quebec Food Service

Market Growth

As more and more consumers are reducing or eliminating alcohol consumption, this market segment is one of the fastest growing food categories in the marketplace. Loxton de-alcoholized wines are now easily available in grocery, specialty and many liquor establishments – particularly government liquor board stores. We aim to increases the availability of Loxton wines not only in stores but also within the hospitality industry – in restaurants, bars and senior residences.

How to become a Retailer?

To become a retailer of Loxton Wines, please contact us, or one of our distributors above.

Download our Presentation Sheets

Our presentation sheets contain more information about each Loxton Wine including nutrition facts, tasting notes, and food pairings.

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